Lulu’s First Show-Story

Once upon a time there was a pony named Lulu. Lulu lived at a stable called: The Royal Horse Paradise. The owner of “The Royal Horse Paradise” was a woman named Sabrina Trent. Her youngest daughter was Lulu’s rider, Tiffany Trent. Tiffany’s 14 year old daughter was Caitlin Trent.
One day, Mrs. Trent gave her daughter good news. “Would you and Lulu like to enter a pony competition? You can sign up for beginners level. It will be fun. The show’s in three weeks. Would you like to give it a try, Tiffany?”
“I’d love to go!” exclaimed 8 year old Tiffany with a huge grin on her face.”I’ve been waiting for this chance ever since Caitlin won first place with Yoshi!”
For the next few weeks, Tiffany and Lulu practiced together. Since Tiffany was only eight, she was not doing jumping competitions, or races. She was starting with a basic, beginner’s beauty show.
The day before the competition, Tiffany worked hard at making sure that she and Lulu would remember what to do. She remembered not to overwork herself and Lulu. Caitlin and her mom had been coaching her for the past three weeks.
After practice, Tiffany gave Lulu a bath, and brushed her down extra well and with the greatest care that a little girl could ever give her pony.
On the morning of the show, Caitlin helped her little sister braid Lulu’s mane and tail and put hot pink ribbons on herself and Lulu’s hair.
After that, Tiffany, her mom, and Caitlin loaded Lulu onto the horse trailer and got into their truck.
When they arrived at the fair grounds, they unloaded Lulu. Tiffany got out the hoof shine, and Caitlin applied it on Lulu’s hoofs. Meanwhile, Tiffany’s mom helped her put on her clean, beige jodhpurs, her navy blue show shirt, and her black, silk helmet cover on top of her helmet.
Soon, Lulu and Tiffany’s division was called. Lulu was #9 out of 12 competitors.
When it was Tiffany’s turn, she smiled like she was supposed to, and quickly went over the steps in her mind.
First, she Lulu around the ring.
Then, she trotted around twice.
After that, the judges gave directions and Lulu followed them perfectly, just like they had practiced with Caitlin and Tiffany’s mom.
When the last horse or pony had gone, the tense wait began.
Finally, the places were called.
“Mitchelle Sanford riding Ocean Jupiter in the ‘Begginer’s Beauty’, please come and recieve your third place ribbon. Oscar Belmont riding Zack Attack, please come and recieve your second place ribbon. And the last, best, but not least, Tiffany Trent and Lulu! Please come and recieve your first place ribbon and your $50 cash prize!” said judge Mickay Ross.
Well! Tiffany, Mrs. Trent, and Caitlin were so excited! They rushed up to the prize tent with Tiffany riding Lulu. Mr. Ross pinned a first place ribbon onto Lulu’s bridle, gave Mrs. Trent the cash prize, and congratulated the whole family.
It was a happy Trent family that went home from the fair that day. To celebrate Tiffany’s victory, her mom brought Tiffany and Caitlin to the Paradise Cafe for a special treat.
Tiffany never forgot that glorious day of her first win on Lulu.

The End

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